Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

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The Lockdown Love Gift Box materialises the feeling of being one. The curated together with Pars Pralinen consists of hand-made artisanal pralines chocolate delivered through modern design fused with seasonal ingredients to create exquisite flavors paired with the Modern Love Towels that make it a great gift for her, him, and us.

House of Dre

We launched a limited edition experience set - together with a renowned London based artist, Andreas Christodoulou from House of Dré. The artist takes inspiration from his interpretation of what 'Love' is in these modern times and transforms his idea into a consumable piece of art. Andreas conveys the sensibility of modernity through the rugged, structural two-part candle and love through a hand sculpted organic soap which has taken the form of a pebble that is shaped by time.

In Full Bloom

‘In Full Bloom’ a collaboration between four powerful, free-spirited women is a manifestation of this thought. The women behind the campaign are also the striking faces of the photo series. Together they have interpreted their beautiful individual journeys through towel selections and flower arrangements that depict their paths and captures these women in their happy, successful and proud selves. Etisha Collective broadens the essence of the word bloom. The brand provides a holistic lens on how growing means to be the best version of yourself everyday. It encourages women to embody the spirit of flowers - to flourish not to be beautiful but because the very nature of the flower is to blossom.