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Etisha Collective

Berliners Guide To Christmas Gifts

Etisha Collective, a brand born in Berlin and spread around the world. Our team is missing out on all the festive spirit that the city has to offer, so we rounded up some of our favourite independent creators, artists and businesses to bring to you the best of what Berlin is!

Here’s a list of 5 brands that would make your Christmas gifting personal and thoughtful.

1. Jérémy Bellina

Berlin-based potter Jeremy Bellina makes contemporary ceramics that add a beautiful touch to your home. All his pieces are handmade at his atelier in Berlin. Our personal favourite is heart-break roundie. An exquisite vase that can charm up any corner. The finesse, simplicity and the fact that it’s handmade for you makes it a great Christmas gift.


2. Lit Lab

It is not uncommon that smell and memories have a strong connection. However Lit Lab goes a step further to encapsulate these strong emotions and create custom scents and turn them into beautiful candles. The thought of being taken back to a place, to a memory, to a person just by a whiff is extraordinary and we think nothing says ‘special’ more than being able to gift that memory to someone.


3. Sawade Berlin

A lot of you might know of them already, but we could not resist ourselves from adding this to our list. The oldest Praline making factory in Berlin started in 1880 holds true to its legacy. These artisan chocolate makers craft each piece with love and care. They also have special Christmas offers that let you design your own greeting card! Our pick – The Mixed Box Of Chocolates – best of their chocolates packed in one, just like our team!


4. Blumen Koch – Berlin

Blumen Koch in Berlin are florists with most splendid floral arrangements. What stands out to us besides their range of wreaths and bouquets is that they also have a handful of wines and books too! What says Christmas, custom and luxury more than hand-picked flowers assembled into a beautiful arrangement just for you?


5. Paper & Tea

To warm up the crisp chilly winter mornings, a steaming cup of tea is all you need, and we found this amazing tea brand that will cater to all your morning tea needs. It cannot get more custom than Paper and Tea – from being able to choose on the basis of type and origin to being able to choose on the basis of tasting notes, Paper and Tea has you covered. They also have gift sets pairing teas from around the world with special pots and boilers. Our pick? Ginger N 805 – spicy, citrusy, tangy – all in one and a little memorabilia from home.


6. Etisha Collective

Born out of Berlin, Etisha Collective’s bespoke organic bath, beach and spa towels transcend all geographies. Hand-weaved in Turkey, rooted in Germany and brought to you by people from around the world, their story is a representation of many cultures. With each towel handwoven by the skilled artisan communities of Turkey, every piece takes about 30-40 hours in its make. When there is so much emotion attached by the people who make it and bring it forth, you know it is bound to be a truly exceptional gift. A towel becomes a part of someone’s daily ritual and every time they get a touch of the soft weaves they are reminded of the person who brought them this comfort. What makes it a perfect Christmas gift is the eloquent green color of the bespoke box that comes with a personalized note card, hand-written by the team. 


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